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Eye Exams - Because it’s about more than just eye charts! Annual eye exams are very valuable for the health of your eyes. They can also be an indicator of larger health issues. [ More ]

Lasik Consultations - Sight is your most precious sense! LASIK can improve and restore your eyesight to stunning clarity by using customized procedures. Not sure if Lasik is right for you? Dr. Joyce will determine if you are a good candidate for the LASIK procedure. [ More ]

Specialty Contact Lens Fits - Has your eye doctor told you that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses? Let Dr. Joyce prove them wrong! Dr. Joyce specializes in complicated and specialty contact lens fitting. [ More ]

Cataract Consultations - We’re not talking about your parent’s cataract surgery! You may never need glasses again! New technology in cataract surgery has made this procedure a refractive surgery; which means that most people don’t need glasses afterwards. [ More ]

Contact Lens Fitting - Thinking about contact lenses? The contact lens industry is killing it with new lens materials. New hybrid multi-focals, Diffusion Dailies (the most comfortable lens on the planet), FDA approved materials for overnight wear, as well as new innovation in lens care. [ More ]