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Contact Lenses

Thinking about contact lenses? The contact lens industry is killing it with new lens materials. New hybrid multi-focals, Diffusion Dailies (the most comfortable lens on the planet), FDA approved materials for overnight wear, as well as new innovation in lens care. Dr. Joyce has worked in the contact lens industry for over fifteen years and is exceptionally knowledgeable about lens design and materials. If you are interested and serious about wearing contact lenses, give us a ring to set up a consultation with Dr. Joyce.

Learn about SynergEyes  | Learn about Dailies Contacts

Contact Lens Cleaning

Remember how your Mom use to lose a contact lens, and then pop it in her mouth to clean it off before putting it back in her eye?...don’t do that.

Here are some approved videos for contact lens care.

Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

Removing and Cleaning Contact Lenses